Rebar Rolling Clough line

Natanz Steel company that was founded with the aim of producing portfolio of industrial and constructional rebar and supply of raw material of wire industrial units, after the commissioning of the rebar rolling branch factory in order to eliminate the needs of downstream steel industries and also to develop exports, inaugurated the largest and most modern factory of clough production of country that was constructed by SMS German group with the implementation of the second phase of rolling factories and added a variety of constructional and industrial wire to its product portfolio.


In Rebar Rolling Clough line, A2and A3 ribbed rebar, simple rebar, industrial and tensile wire produce in Clough form in different sizes from 5.5 to 16, in order to be used for downstream industries for producing the following products:

• Constructional rebar
• Truss and joist
• Towing wire
• Barbed wire
• Metal chains
• Nails and Screws and Rivet
• Bead Wire and Wire used in rubber industry
• Electrodes and welding industries
• Fence lace and fence and gabion
• Springs industries
• Other downstream steal and transforming steel
• Free cutting steel
In this factory, used controlled cooling system to achieve mechanical properties and metallographic structure that customer desired.