Rebar Rolling Branch

In this factory, simple and ribbed rebar, A2, A3 and A4 produce in sizes 8 to 32 in branch form with utilizing of modern technology.

The plant equipment that was purchased from Italian company Danieli was put into operation after installation in February 2003.

Natanz steel company, after many years of experience in constructional rebar and after the commission of steel making units –in order to improve the quality of its products and development of its constructional products- the production of high diameter rebar placed on agenda and also according to the needs of country`s constructional industry started the production of rebar with strength more than A4 (tread 500) (for saving 25 percent in rebar consumption). 


With respect that production of bars in the Iranian market is limited to simple carbon steel without alloying elements, going on this way faced by serious obstacles. So that in this complex, with commission of steel making units, production  of steel bars with alloying elements and also production of ribbed rebar that have suitable tensile strength and sufficient ductility especially in the high diameter bars was provided.

The following benefits were guaranteed in this company rebar by holding down the carbon amount and using the alloying elements and also control and optimize and stabilization the parameters such as speed, caliber design and bar temperature:

Maintaining the Rebar welding capability

In addition to getting the required yield and ultimate strength, was raised the ultimate strength to yield strength ratio that made to increasing the energy absorption capacity before breaking in order to making rebar efficiency more  appropriate in seismic uses.

High elongation that the percent of this company rebar elongation is usually equal to lower category. Such as elongation percent of A3 rebar is equal to A2 rebar in this company in order to guarantee rebar bending and ductility capabilities.

Precise control of size and shape of the rebar tread in order to ensure the setting of rebar concrete and reduction of stress and fatigue. To achieve this accuracy, this company is equipped to modern cutting rollers and pressing tread workshop.

In Natanz steel complex, achieving these advantages in rebar production is constantly controlled by using most modern control laboratory equipment, chemical analysis, mechanical properties and metallographic structure.

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