Rules and Regulations of Sales


Dear user,

Since your entrance to Natanz Steel Company’s site and using the services or submitting your orders imply that you are aware and accept the conditions and rules of using this site, please study the following issues carefully.

General Laws and Regulation:

Procedures and principles of Natanz Steel Company include observance of the Laws of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Electronic Business Laws, and protection Law of the Consumers’ Rights. In the case of changes in the mentioned laws and procedures of Natanz Steel Company, they will be subsequently updated in this page.

Electronic Shopping

Like any other transactions, electronic shopping is considered as a contract between the seller and purchaser while this contract is concluded between the shop and the user within an electronic environment.

Submitting orders:

After selecting his product, the user must submit his order in Natanz Steel Company. Submitting the order means that the user has confirmed his request to Natanz Steel Company. At the time of submitting the order, the user must fill out the related form on the page of order submission including his accurate information such as natural or legal specifications, goods, and the destination address. Fulfilling the above-mentioned stages will be carried out only one time if the user is registered in Natanz Steel Company.

All of the entered information by the users at the time of registration will be kept safe by Natanz Steel Company; therefore, this company requests the purchasers to apply their information accurately to prevent any problem or loss of the user.

Online Sales Conditions:

  1. Sales are made in cash.
  2. The goods are transported after depositing the price
  3. The purchaser shall pay the freight
  4. The seller shall pay the loading costs
  5. After delivering the goods to the transportation service determined by the purchaser, the seller will not be accountable for the goods after exit from the factory.
  6. The time for submitting orders is every day from 10 a.m to 4 p.m

The loading and sending the goods will be carried out during maximum of 24 hours after submitting the order.