Natanz Steel Company

Natanz Steel Company was established in 1999 in the form of development design and aiming at producing various types of industrial and constructional rods as well as supplying the raw materials of its wire industrial units. This company intends to provide services for the industrial sectors and to prevent import of steel products to Iran and creating at least 10000 job opportunities.

Having near to half of a century experience of its directors within steel industry, Natanz Steel Company is capable to provide various steel products for the customers and industrial and building producers in Iran. The company’s founder, the deceased Haj Fathollah Tavakoli Torghi, began his work in early forties in Pamenar Street of Tehran with selling building ironware and along with doing business in industry section, continued his work in the late fifties by producing diverse wire productions.

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The factories of Natanz Steel Company have been established within an area of 1200 Hectares in Natanz Steel Industrial Town located in Natanz County. Enjoying the most modern update machineries of the world and having hot rolling lines, the company is capable to produce branched plain and ribbed rebars in the baskets with diameter of 8 mm to 32 mm and plain and ribbed rebars in coils from 5.5 mm to 16 mm and also to produce different types of steel straps and quadrilaterals and wire products.

Thanks to the efforts of diligent, intimate, dedicated personnel and educated and responsible managers, Natanz Steel Company has been capable to stand at the top of the Iran’s steel industry with a lasting name.  


The Productions of Natanz Steel Company

Natanz Steel Company includes two production lines:

  • Branch rebar rolling line
  • Coil rebar rolling line 


Branch rebar rolling line: in this factory, plain and ribbed rebars of A3, A2, and A4 are produced in form of branches in sizes of 8 to 32 mm.

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Coil rebar rolling line: in this line, ribbed rebars of A2 and A3, plain rebars, industrial and tensile wires in form of coils in various baskets with the sizes of 5.5 to 16 mm are produced. The products of this unit are mainly used in the following industries:

  • Building
  • Trusses and joists
  • Steel wire ropes 
  • Barbed wires
  • Steel chains
  • Nails, screws and rivets
  • Bead wires and consumed wires of rubber industries
  • Electrodes and welding industries
  • Mesh fences and gabions
  • Spring industries
  • Other processing and converting steels

All of the machineries of the rolling line are made in Italy and Germany and in accordance with the high standards of hot rolling line of the world which are very advanced in terms of technology