Quality Control Unit

 This unit inspects all the inputs and outputs of the factory by the experienced specialists including inspection of the raw materials, pieces and products. The subordinate units of the quality control in Natanz Steel Company are as follows:

Quality Control of the Rolling Line:

This section includes rolling lines of branch and coil rebars in which the inspectors of the quality control inspect the entered bars (including the produced bars and the bars imported to the factory) to be used in the production line after confirmation. In this stage, the imported bars are inspected in regard to technical documents and they are analyzed and sampled to be correspondent to the request. Also, during the production procedure, the quality control inspectors are always present in the production line and control both the production procedure and the products to be in line with the related standards. They select samples from the products and send them to laboratory to perform mechanical, metallographic, and chemical tests on them. In the case that product corresponds to the standards, it is delivered to the storehouse, if not, the production unit is informed of the case and a decision is made about the nonconforming product in that if it could be classified in another group, this classification is carried out; otherwise, it is delivered to the waste storage to be used in the steelmaking unit as scrap metal.

This unit has been succeeded to obtain the National Standard Certificate 3132 from Iranian Industrial Research and Standard Administration for producing ribbed rebars.

Quality Control of the imported Pieces:

All of the made or repaired pieces out of the factory are inspected by the quality control unit after entrance to the factory in terms of correspondence to the requests declared in writing by the applicant unit. Then, they will be delivered to the applicant unit. In case of nonconformity, the piece is referred to the manufacturer to solve the problem.   

Quality Policy:

Following the significant qualitative and quantitative development of the products and being qualified to compete in the global markets and being present in the export markets, with Comprehensive Quality Management systems (MIS), Natanz Steel Company has succeeded to obtain various certificates and standards including:

Quality Management System ISO 9001-2008

Environmental Management System ISO 14001-2008

Safety Management and Professional Hygiene Systems OHSAS 18001-2008

National Standard 3132 of Iran to Produce Ribbed Rebars

By conducting periodic internal audits, holding management review meetings, and controlling the documents, the quality assurance unit attempts to maintain and promote the quality management systems governing the production procedure. This unit provides periodic training courses related to different quality systems.