To meet all laboratory needs in Natanz Steel Company, the following laboratories were established with the most modern equipment so that the company’s control cycle could be completed.

  1. Calibration and instrumentation laboratory
  2. Metallography laboratory
  3. Mechanics laboratory
  4.  Quantometer laboratory
  5. Chemistry  laboratory (water and oil and wet chemistry)
  6. Nondestructive laboratory


Calibration and instrumentation laboratory

The temperature and measuring equipment are calibrated in this laboratory.


Metallography laboratory

In this laboratory, the cases which there is a need to determine and analyze the structure and metallography of the products or the pieces of the production line, modern equipment made by the Japanese OLYMPUS Company are exploited.


Mechanics laboratory

This laboratory is equipped with three modern Universal Devices of tensile, flexure and pressure tests, a device of flexure test, a device of pressure test, and also a hardness tester. In addition to control the mechanical properties of the products, in case of necessity, these tests could be carried out on the production line pieces.


Quantometer laboratory

This laboratory is equipped by 2 quantometer devices made by German SPECTRO Company for analyzing steel in all simple carbon and alloy classes. The needs of all units of the plant for determining the chemical analysis of the raw materials, product and the production line pieces are met by this laboratory.


Chemistry  laboratory (water and oil and wet chemistry)

In the water section laboratory, the daily analysis of the water of the rolling and melting production units is carried out in terms of bacterial and sanitary tests in the water treatment of the plant.

In the oil laboratory, the quality of the oils and lubricants used in the production lines, both at the beginning of entering to the plant and during the usage is analyzed.  


Nondestructive testing laboratory

In this laboratory, the soundness of the pieces in the production lines or the imported ones to the plant is tested by PT and MT devices with nondestructive testing methods of Penetrant Testing (PT) and Magnetic Testing (MT).